hydrawoodPLUS ecoplus series
When we incorporated Hydrawood 5 years ago our objective was to produce a real timber flooring that would

1.Be resistant to moisture and water to reduce subsequent swelling and movement.

2.Be ready to use with a hard wearing, easy to clean, factory finished coating.

3.Meet acceptable environmental criteria associated with timber flooring.

4.Offer a wide range of timbers without impacting on the environment.

5.Be cost effective and user friendly.

We are pleased to now offer you a product in hydrawoodPLUS, tested by time, that meets the above objectives.

We have invested heavily in research and development to achieve this totally new concept in sustainable timber flooring.

hydrawoodPLUS is a flooring solution that can be purchased and used with total confidence to perform to the exacting standards required by you or your clients.

Moisture is the enemy when associated with wood. When laying hydrawoodPLUS we recommend the use of Selleys Direct Stick®  resulting in a solid non “drumming” floor.

hydrawoodPLUS saves our forests. By using the very hard and dense properties of the patented core, indentations are significantly reduced. This has enabled us to use  veneer as the top layer as distinct from  traditional thick lamella. The thicker the top layer the more susceptible the floor is to indentations, which is the prime reason that timber floors require re sanding.

hydrawoodPLUS is factory finished ready for use withextremely hard wearing and user friendly coatings based on UV curing (100% solids no VOC or vapor emissions) to enable this product to meet the most stringent standards demanded from the industry.

hydrawoodPLUS is available in 9 standard veneers factory finished ready to lay. In addition to this a custom pressing service can be arranged for any available veneer.

To ensure a long life and beautiful look hydrawood endorses the Unika maintenance programme that will keep the surface in pristine condition.

In the event of major damage individual boards can be easily replaced

hydrawoodPLUS is the next generation of high performance timber flooring systems - offering perfect stability  reducing twisting, cupping and expansion that affects traditional timber flooring

As well as being tuff it is also kind to the environment. By using a thin top layer,  35 times more surface area can be covered that traditional solid flooring making for a real positive utilization and minimum impact on our natural resources.

Most timbers used for flooring have a density ranging from around 550 kg per m3 through to 1000 kg per m3. The higher the density the greater the resistance to indentation and wear Indentations on floors .

The high density properties of the
core* has lead to a substantial reduction of thickness in the top layer. The appearance is identical and the product, contrary to belief is superior. Movement is reduced within the top layer, indentations are minimal being absorbed by the core which in turn enables the use of species otherwise unsuitable for flooring due to their soft nature.