hydrawoodHUSH acoustic series
hydrawoodHUSH is the hydrawood PLUS range that uses an acoustic rubber underlay system that is bonded to the underside of the panel to reduce sound transmission.

We use Innvolay Acoustic underlay which is made from recycled rubber and meets or exceeds building code requirements for sound attentuation.

designed to deliver noise control between tennancies hydrawodHUSH is  a must for high rise and multi level buildings


test results for InnvoLay™ Acoustic Underlay, which were conducted at the CSIRO
Acoustic Laboratory - Highett Victoria in June 2008.
All tests were installed in-situ on a CSIRO compliant slab of 150mm thickness with NO CEILING.

Therefore, higher results will be achieved with the addition of a generic ceiling system, the value of
which depends on the system employed.