Product Description:

Hydrawood flooring a is unique, moisture resistant composite real timber flooring that can be laid on virtually any base without fear of swelling or delaminating.


Hydrawood can be used for commercial and domestic flooring applications inclusive of kitchens, bathrooms and areas where moisture could be a problem.

Hydrawood can be laid directly to cured concrete floors using Sellys Direct Stick negating the need for a moisture proof membrane or moisture barrier.

Hydrawood can be laid directly to MDF, particle board, wood or other cellulose composite flooring.

Note: Hydrawood is non structural and is recommended only as overlay flooring.

water resistant timber flooring systems
hydrawoodPLUS ecoplus series

Water Resistant / Moisture Resistant
High durability
High impact resistance
Machined with ease - no specialist tools required
100% Recyclable
Non hazardous, no VOC
CFC free
Dust emission from cutting is non fibrous and physiologically safe
UV cured laquer finish
Perfectly flat and extremely stable
Minimal expansion gaps required
Allergy free sealed surface
10 year structural warranty
No acclimatisation period - ready for immediate use
Suitable for use with approved underfloor heating
Timber single strip  top layers cut  from FSC and or sustainable sourced timbers.
Pre-finished high grade 0.6mm hardwood top layer
Vitec B1 class fire resistant core

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand


Pre adhered acoustic rubber underlay that exceeds BCA requirements

Can eliminate time consuming and expensive waterproofing to subfloors**
Can be installed on fresh concrete subfloors where normal hardwood floors would be at risk.
Can be installed in wet areas, such as bathrooms and laundries.
Can be laid over any flat hard subfloor.
Suitable for high use commercial applications.
Pre-finished saving installation time and eliminating sanding and toxic finishing associated with traditional wooden flooring.
Will not peak or buckle when exposed to high moisture and climatic variations.
Low maintance - easy to clean - backed up with a full range of clean and care products and programmes.
Can be re-coated
Ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.

** when using approved sub floor adhesive
hydraDECK pre finished exterior decking - this exciting new real timber decking is in its final development stages and is anticipated for market release this winter - watch this space
hydrawoodHUSH acoustic series
* the high impact water resistant vitec core is made from cellulose material that will absorb water and moisture that may result in minor swelling. However unlike all other wood based products it will return to its original form when dry.
The top layer timber veneers being a natural product can be affected by staining if water penetrates the edges, this can be reduced by using Unika Loc Seal on the joins at time of installation.